Janos Nagy


I'm a jazz pianist, arranger and composer from Budapest , Hungary . After graduating form The Franz Liszt Academy of Music with a degree in jazz studies I won first place at the Jazz Juniors contest in Cracow, received the “Best Soloist” award at the Getxo International Jazz Festival, and in 2003, as “Soloist of the Year,” I am was awarded the prestigious eMeRton award. In 2005 I was given an Artisjus award which is a highly esteemed yearly award for contemporary musicians and writers in Hungary . Over the course of my carrier I played and recorded with Grammy Award-winning guitar player Al diMeola, Alex Acuna, Arnie Somogyi, Ben Castle, Bernard Maseli, David Murray, Dave Samuels, Dewey Redman, Dominique Di Piazza, Krzysztof Scieranski, Garry Willis, Kim Plainfield, Paco Sery, Sangoma Everett, Tony Lakatos, Vincent Mascart and Winston Clifford.

All the above mentioned artists are world-renown, award-winning musicians highly respected in the music industry. I have given a series of solo concerts in London and Prague . In 2002, on a request from the Béla Kövér Puppet Theatre of Szeged, I composed a one-act opera, which premiered in November 2003. Not long after forming my own trio (Janos Nagy Trio), we played together with world-famous saxophonist David Murray at the Mediawave Festival in 2001. The concert was later voted “The Jazz Event of the Year” by the critics of Gramofon Magazine. In May 2002 the trio had saxophone player extraordinaire Dewey Redman as a special guest. My trio has since then performed in various festivals abroad ( Cracow , Macau, Vilnius and Warsaw , London , etc). In Spring 2004 I founded ’Freestyle Chamber Orchestra’ which comprises both classical and jazz musicians. Have have successfully toured around the country and appeared in dozens of tv shows, radio and press. In 2011 I formed Monamo a Hungarian jazz band which made its debut in Budapest Jazz Band in 2011. Since then we have already performed in the Palace of Arts in Budapest (MÜPA). I am a jazz instructor at the John Kodolanyi University of Applied Sciences and in the Etud Music Secondary School in Hungary ..

I have worked with some of Hungary 's top singers and musicians such as Ágnes, Eszter Horgas, Csilla Szentpéteri, Bikini , etc.

As a soloist and studio-musician I have contributed to over 100 albums and numerous concerts with several well known, award-winning artists such as Ágnes, Almási Enikő, Romantic, Csepregi Éva, Horgas Eszter, Balázs Feco, Jamie Winchester, Hrutka Róbert, Gerendás Péter, Pierrot, Herczku Ágnes, Lovász Irén, Malek Andrea, Weiner-Szász Chamber Orchestra, Hungarian Rádió Symphonic Orchestra.

My Awards include:


1995 the second prize at the 14th Jazz-piano Improvisation Contest in Vilnius .

1996 Jazz Juniors Competition, Krakow - best group, best soloist

1997 Getxo International Jazz Festival – best soloist

1998 and 2000 eMeRTon prize as the Best Group of the Year (prize of the National Hungarian Radio)

2005 Artisjus Musical Foundation's award

2011 Ferenc Erkel prize (prize of the Hungarian Culture Department)